Active Rain January 1, 2010

Review and Reload

Late last year I posted my 2 Goals and 5 Resolutions for 2009 I am going to review how I did then state my 2010 goals and resolutions. 

The goals were pretty simple:

  • Make more money;
  • Work less.


Quite frankly, I reached neither. I worked really hard in 2009, perhaps as hard as I ever worked, and for pretty much the same money. Here is the silver lining of the cloud, however: we cut expenses by almost 30%, and in the last 90 days I have become far better at entrusting things to my agents that I used to be a control freak about. Many of these things were done better than I would have done them, because I didn’t have the time or inclination.

This was actually the best lesson I learned in  2009 going forward: empower my people if I want to build my company. I can’t do everything myself, and I need to be better at team building to be truly successful. Thanks to Elayna Fernandez for getting me to reflect on this lesson. I will use it well in 2010. 

On to my 5 resolutions:


  1. Take one day off per week no matter what. F. I failed miserably. I took more days off, but that’s not saying much. 
  2. Create specific goals. C-. Too much working in my business and not enough working on my business. 
  3. Plan my work. D. See #2
  4. Blog more. A+. Over 330 blog postings in various places changed how I do business. My blog got me found by some news producers who put my clients on CNBC 4 times,  and landed me on ABC World News, AP, and other print media. This was enormous in helping with credibility, recruiting and sales. Magical and unpredictable.  
  5. Laugh more. B.  
So, mixed results in a tough year for the industry. 
Here are my goals for 2010:
  1. Double my income. 
  2. Have 25 licensees with the company by Thanksgiving 2010
  3. Make Magic Occur Regularly.
I’m not going to be hung up on how much I work, but I will make sure I have fun at work or play. And I mean to double that income. I now have 14 licensees with 3 good new ones joining in January. I want to grow the team with quality producers.  Regarding magic: I consider the opportunities that came about from blogging to be beyond my wildest dreams. Utterly unpredictable and inspiring. I will make more of that, and leave it up to God as to how it manifests itself. 
5 Resolutions:
  1. Blog as consistently in 2010 as I did in 2009, and get better at it.
  2. Create a Cyber Empire. I have some ideas for pursuing niches that I will implement the first quarter of 2010 with new and better web marketing. 
  3. Stand on the shoulders of the best lesson of 2009 and empower my growing team more as a coach and mentor and less like a guy who does everything himself and gets burned out in the process. 
  4. Plan and set goals more consistently and systematically.  I am going to focus more on listing more properties and giving more buyers to the team to service. I can adhere to this if I empower the team with things I am inclined to handle myself, but ought not, like buyers.  
  5. Appreciate and support Ann more in 2010. This is more rooted in attitude and consciousness than just doing things differently. Simply put, It shouldn’t be about me laughing more. I want Ann to laugh more. 
Here’s to a magical 2010. 
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