Active Rain December 29, 2009

Bad Blood Toward Bank of America

Russell Shaw of AgentGenius passes on a powerful email being sent to agents on how to deal with Bank of America’s difficulty with short sales- don’t send them any new mortgage business.

My comment was as follows:

Well, it isn’t surprising that this letter is being distributed. I haven’t gotten one but you reap what you sow. There was a time when Countrywide was the Grinch of short sales. When they were acquired by B of A people thought things might get better, but they didn’t. It should only take as much time to approve a short sale as it takes to underwrite a mortgage- the process is analogous. That we have to drag the lender, kicking and screaming, to get more money than they’d get if it went to REO explains how this industry thinks. It also explains how we got into this mess.

I have blogged about how lame the banks are about short sales here

Bryant Tutas was a frequent commenter on the story and pointed out that an organized boycott would be illegal collusion. He made some other good points here. Yes, part of the problem is lame agents. But it is hard even for a good agent when the lender won’t cooperate. I have dynamite people ( a NY law firm) doing my short sales and we get frustrated with all the stonewalling, red tape and delays.