Active Rain December 28, 2009

Take This Widget and Shove It.

Are you, like me, just a little burned out on networking websites?  I Tweet, do Facebook, and LinkedIn ; there are dozens of others. I’ve been hyperactive on on Active Rain lately.  I have a YouTube channel. A Technocrati profile. Digg. Reddit. In real estate I’m on Zillow and Trulia, and that is just the tip of the iceburg. We don’t do this because it’s fun by and large. It is work, and we labor to maximize search engine optimization, to get found,  cultivate readership, and develop clientèle. Writing the blog is fun and relaxing. The other stuff is work.

Enter this morning’s email from Plaxo. I registered there years ago at the behest of a former co worker. Since then they’ve spammed emailed me for years. I ignored it until this morning when I broke down and linked Plaxo with my Facebook to minimize my efforts (I hope). Will it help? I sure hope it will. It can’t hurt. 

When I see other people who seem to have the whole networking widget universe set up with aplomb I must admit that I get a little jealous (Damn you Somers team in Philly! Damn you!). I just don’t want to do all the work. And don’t get me started on Typekey, WordPress, signing into things with my Yahoo!, Google, AOL, or other established account. I know the importance of this stuff, but I have to earn a living. And these children want to play with Daddy. 

Of course, when I finally get my act together with all these buttons, widgets, profiles and other cyber paraphernalia, it will go the way of Friendster or LiveJournal. A pimp’s work is never done.