Active Rain December 27, 2009

H.E.L.P. on Westchester Highways

If you’ve ever driven on any of the Westchester County Parkways, perhaps you’ve seen a quasi-official looking blue and white truck with the initials H.E.L.P. on the side. That stands for Highway Emergency Local Patrol, and they go around aiding people with car trouble. I have no idea what the cost is the the taxpayer; I do know that I ran out of gas Tuesday. 

I was driving down the Sprain Brook Parkway, right next to the reservoir when I saw I was on fumes. Just as my mind began to race about the next exit, I felt that hesitation. I coasted to a stop, dry as a bone. I was angry with myself. Trying to do too much for too many in too short a time, I was supposed to meet with a client at a construction site. And it was really cold out. 

After calling Ann & Ronnie (our admin), we found that there was no number for these guys. You have to call 911 and they send them. So I did. And the guy came. Two gallons of gas, courtesy of the taxpayers of Westchester county (the friendly snickers were free), and I was back on the road. I would have taken better photos, but I was too much of a wimp in the cold, so everything was from the drivers seat.  

Cars zooming close by on Sprain Brook Parkway

Getting gas on Sprain Brook Parkway

Highway Emergency Local Patrol