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Westchester School District Information

One of the most common questions I get from buyers about an area they are considering is the following:

How good are the schools? 

It is a fair question. It factors in to their quality of life, the future welfare of their children, and resale value of the home they are considering. I also can’t answer the question. It is a fair housing issue, and licensees who recommend one town or district over another may in engaging in illegal steering.

So what are we to do? Well, silly as it may sound, while licensees ought not compare school districts, we can give our clients sources of the information they seek. It actually makes some sense; we don’t answer legal questions either, but we can refer people to a lawyer.

Here are some good sources of information on school districts: 


The following sites are not published by the government. I have never used them but they might be helpful if you want a 4th source or are just an information junkie. 
If you Google school rankings there are lots of results, but I’m not sure of their data source. Caveat emptor. I’d start with the first three.
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