Active Rain December 25, 2009


I have a deal going on one of my listings. December deals are special, and there are a lot of moving parts on my clients’ part, so I thought I’d reach out to the buyer agent to check status. She’s been good about contact, so I wondered why we hadn’t spoken in a few days. A man answered her phone. 

It was her husband. She just had a baby. They were still at the hospital. 

Since Ann and I have been down this road four times, I congratulated him heartily and asked for a call back whenever Lora was up to it. I didn’t expect anything for a few days.

I wasn’t finished with my calls, so made another call to an office. The phone rang awhile, then a woman answered. She wasn’t pleasant. “We’re closed! It’s Christmas Eve!” she said indignantly. “Merry Christmaaaasss,” she said, in a saccharin voice, then hung up. This is a respected company in an affluent area. If it were my firm, this woman would have been given her license and shown the door. 

Moments later, my phone rang. It was Lora, calling from her hospital bed. We handled what we needed to handle, I congratulated the new mommy, wished her a merry Christmas, and we agreed to speak again next week. I was blown away. 

One woman is in the comfort of an office and hangs up on me. Another calls from the hospital after giving birth. What a contrast in dedication. Hats off to Lora Giordano, who gets it. I don’t care if I am plugging a competitor, I am acknowledging the dedication of a colleague. I have seen 4 babies come into this world, and it is no picnic. I am still amazed. Way to go that extra mile, Momma bear. Way to take care of that new cub. I applaud you.

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