Active Rain December 23, 2009


I completed the old 2 weekend Forum in Philadelphia in December of 1989. I then did the 6 Day in the summer of 1990. I don’t know how many seminars. 20? I suppose in a community that is pushing 170,000 with such diverse groups as Autistic Spectrum Disorders ,  Dog Lovers Group and my personal favorite, 40 Somethings , that I’d come across a few Landmark Alums.

I still draw on the insights and distinctions I got from the training in my daily life. In this business, you draw on every resource. 

I just have one thing left to say:

Werner Erhard. Werner Erhard. Werner Erhard.

I’m with Susan Mangigian: Carpe Diem! Or, as they used to remind us, this isn’t your practice life.