Active Rain December 19, 2009

Gregory Blaise- Five!

Today is the 5th birthday of Gregory, our 3rd Treasure. Gregory is on the spectrum for Autism, and attends a special school with an extensive ABA (applied behavioral analysis) program. It has help him enormously. He is great with eye contact, affection, and being “there.” We are still working on boundaries, executive functions, and meaningful speech. 

Gregory Blaise Faranda

Gregory looks almost exactly the same as I did at his age. It is really uncanny. That is a hell of a trick to pull off when your mother is Korean. It will be “that” month in our house until January 14, when Catherine turns 6. They’ll both be 5 until then. 2004 was quite a year. 

Gregory’s special needs have posed quite a challenge to use. Managing expectations is difficult, because sometimes he amazes us and other times we unintentionally do things for him he ought to do himself. Patience.. you don’t know patience until you have a child with special needs. Sleepless nights (children like Gregory have unreliable sleeping habits) are growing less common, but his knack for timing is amazing. He seems to know what mornings I need to wake up early so he can wake up at 3am and play, loudly. 

Through it all, his mother has been his greatest advocate. I work out there in the field while she mans command central for the business at home, often with all 4 home from school. You don’t know multi tasking until you’ve seen double jointed, ambidextrous Renaissance Mom at work. 

So happy birthday to you Gregory. We love you very much, and you are 25% of the reasons that Dad and Mom work so hard. I hope you understand that someday.