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NY Times on Croton on Hudson

I’ve got Croton on Hudson on the mind lately. It isn’t because my older brother has lived there for 30 years or because I camped at Croton Point Park as a young scout dozens of times. It could be because the only Bed and Breakfast in all of Westchester County is here, or maybe the numerous excellent restaurants. The real reason Croton is on my mind is because I’ll be leasing office space there in the near future, and I intend to do more business in the area in 2010.

Downtown Croton is idyllic- small shops, food, boutiques, and towny-type places that date back prior to my youth.    

Downtown Croton on Hudson

 The Village has one of the biggest train stations on the Hudson line of Metro North. It is a major interchange, and even Amtrak stops here.  

Croton Train Station

The views of the Hudson River from many points on the Village are breathtaking, and I think we get a little spoiled after seeing it every day.

Croton View from Grand St

If you want to know more about Croton, the NY Times did a very nice piece on the village last month, and included a very good slideshow also. I highly recommend them. Of course, I like my own photos of the place.

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