Active Rain December 16, 2009

Peekskill Dog Park

Peekskill, NY now has a wonderful Dog Park! Opened October 31, 2009, the project was started by Peekskill homeowner (and dog owner) Michael Sellers, who devoted a year and a half to getting the city to dedicate unused park land to the project. The park now has a board of directors, a terrific website with plenty of pictures, and 50 visitors a week. It has also made the local news several times, including Journal News coverage of a visit from Santa Claus just 10 days ago (and you thought he just dug reindeer). You can read the story by clicking on the link on the park website.  

To take underused parkland and transform it into a place where people and enjoy themselves and build a community is a special undertaking, but then again, you have to know Mr. Sellers like I know him. I sold him his house in Peekskill 3 years ago. As fortunate as he told me he feels about putting down roots in Peekskill, I say that the city got the better part of the deal when it landed Michael Sellers. Hats off to my client and friend. 

My dog Max would approve!

Max busted on the couch

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