Active Rain December 12, 2009

Home and Hearth

After 3 days away this week there is nothing like being back home. My kids, my wife, my dog. Ann’s chicken thingies with the bread crumbs. Yummy. Last night was the first really cold night of the season, so I lit a good fire. 

I have to say that my fireplace is one of my favorite things in my home. There is no place on Earth, no amenity elsewhere, no 5-Star hotel that is as welcoming as my own home and hearth. I fell asleep in the couch with my laptop and that fire cooking with Max, my German Shepherd, sawing wood 5 feet away. 


That contraption you see is a cool system for blowing fire-heated air into the living room. It helps with the heat and keeps us toasty. 

A fireplace was on my “must have” list when Ann and I bought our new home in 2007. I also had to have a basement. I got both. Things like this make me mindful of my clients’ “must have” list when we are out looking. 

Be warm. 

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