Active Rain December 5, 2009

First Snow of 2009 in Briarcliff Manor

After a mild autumn, a light snowfall has covered Westchester County. Like most of Westchester, Briarcliff is already quite pretty, so seeing it covered with snow adds to the beauty. We have friends in from out of town, so it is actually kind of idyllic. Kevin Crego, my old college roomie at Villanova just arrived (and apparently brought the snow from Rochester), and we’ve already had Mike Brophy since yesterday. 

Typical day with a friend from out of town- Mike rode shotgun with me this morning while I showed some clients co op apartments. 

Kevin taught me the real estate business and is Luke’s godfather. Mike was the best man at my wedding and is godfather to Catherine. Both live far away, so visits like this are rare. Kevin runs a brokerage in Rochester, while Mike lives in Texas. The photo doesn’t do the view justice- it as if everything outside were covered in crystal while we enjoy the warmth of catching up with dear friends indoors.

Snow arrives in Briarcliff Manor

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