Active Rain November 28, 2009

Common Blogging Mistakes that Cost You Money

Groups and Channels and Categories Oh My

Unless you are already making too much money, the name of the game with this blogging thing is to get found. If you want readers to find you, you need to maximize your exposure. Often, I find blog postings that are fantastic but under read, not because they aren’t good (some of them are great) but because they are unintentionally “hidden.” And if your best stuff is hiding, people can’t find you. Here are some mistakes I see that are easy to avoid and will make a difference if corrected:


  1. Making a post “Member’s Only” when it is really geared toward the public. Unless a posting is only meant for other professionals, it should be public. That way, if you are advising buyers, for instance, they’ll actually get to see your words. This increases your exposure from Active Rain members to the other 300+ million people out there. 
  2. Not posting to groups. Let’s suppose your blog post would be appreciated, commented on, and SHARED (reblogged/emailed/spread around) by like-minded agents. You should post it to the applicable groups. Click on the GROUPS link in the Active Rain header. There, you can find a group or groups that address the theme, no matter if it is short sales, blogging, complaining, dealing with an autistic child, or sharing pets or photography. Join the ones that float your boat; post your words to up to 5 groups with the same theme. That puts your post in front of more readers who share your interest
  3. Ignoring Channels and Categories. Consumers have access to channels and categories in many cases, so in a way it is like posting to groups that include consumers. For instance, if you are posting about interest rates, you can post it in the Mortgage/Finance Channel. This puts it in front of the eyeballs for whom it will be the most value. 
  4. Missing Localism. If you are writing about your local market or town, then you are missing out if you don’t post it to Localism for your area. This is far more consumer-centric, and positions you as a person of knowledge in that area. And that’s the point. Link that Sheboygin post to Sheboygin, and Sheboygin will thank you. 
Maximizing the quantity and quality of the eyeballs that will appreciate your blog will create the most opportunities for the posting to generate business. Given that this post is geared toward fellow professionals, it is Members Only. But I’ve also posted to groups, channels and categories. You should also. Use the drop down menus at the bottom of the page editor, and don’t forget to use tags as well. It works, and if you keep it up consistently you’ll create a body of work that will help you climb the rankings of the search engines. 
Good luck getting found!