Active Rain November 27, 2009

Another Open House Theft

The following was posted on the Mid Hudson MLS recently:

Yesterday a home was robbed of cash and jewelry during an open house in the town of Poughkeepsie. Two woman entered a home and while one occupied the agent the other committed the crime. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! establish office policies that protect you and your clients property. This is not the first time I’ve asked you all to do this. GET LICENSE PLATES, DRIVERS LICENSES, HAVE A DISTRESS CODE WITH YOUR OFFICE. If you need help setting a policy I am happy to assist. STAY SAFE!!


I hosted an open House this past March when 2 women robbed my clients of jewelry. One distracted me for about 2 minutes while the other lifted the valuables. 

What is unfortunate aside from the obvious is the crummy job the local boards have done in getting the information out about these two women (and I’ll bet they are the very same women who stole from my clients). The associations exists to get the word out about things germane to our profession. Yet these people continue to openly and notoriously steal. Why? Because no one is mobilized. Nobody is warned. The thieves stole from offices in Westchester, several open houses in Rockland, and now they’ve hit Dutchess. 3 separate counties, 3 MLS systems, no communication. 

If you are a Licensee anywhere in the New York area, North Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, or the Hudson Valley, be on the lookout. These are two women in their 50’s or 60’s. They are loud. They wear overcoats. They drive a rented car. Their sign in sheet will say they are from Yonkers. They’ll separate and one will casually block you while the other steals. They work FAST (2-3 minutes). You’ll have the feeling that they don’t belong in the house. They gush just a bit too much as if they never spent any time in a nice place. 

Don’t be a hero. Just get a license plate number.