Active Rain November 23, 2009

Welcome to 40 Somethings!

Welcome to 40 Somethings, the group for anyone in their 40’s in body or mind. Feel free to post anything a Forty Something can relate to. It can be content that is business or life related, so your thoughts on your aching back, unpredictable teenager or curmudgeonly in-laws are as topical as your latest buyer, seller or listing experience. You don’t have to be 40-49 to subscribe. 

Please refrain from contributing hyper local market statistics or purely self promotional pieces. We can get that elsewhere. Other than that, please share liberally. It is my hope that this group becomes one of your favorites on Active Rain. Moreover, if you like it, please invite a friend; they don’t post ages on Active Rain profiles, so I really don’t know who to invite!

40 Something