Active Rain November 22, 2009

New Group: 40 Somethings

In between Gatorade and Geritol, there is a s strange in-between world that isn’t young but sure isn’t old. Being 40 something puts you in a multi tasking generation, in between your own kids and your aging parents, all while building your career in real estate.

Remember when forty was old? Can’t get your mind around the fact that high school was more than half your life ago? Some of us are already on our second career, grandchildren, and dealing with our own health issues. Others are coming to terms with mortality, surviving loved ones, dealing with infertility, grown children and other adult issues we never considered when we were 30. 

People our age have a unique perspective, because we are often parents to our parents, our kids, and of course, our clients. All this while still coming to grips with mastering ourselves, for all we are and all we aren’t. You hit 40 and all of a sudden the buck stops there. Like every other age there is no manual, but we can still share and support each other.

It is a little awkward to invite people because then I start having to guess ages (about as nice as guessing weight) so if you are 40-49 or close enough, feel free to jump in.


40 Somethings Group on Active Rain