Active Rain November 19, 2009

Debunking Short Sale Misinformation

A home buyer found me on google and wanted to pick my brain about a short sale she was purchasing. She already had an accepted offer with her sister representing her as her buyer agent and wanted the opinion of a 3rd party with knowledge of the subject, and she found my blog.

Evidently, the listing agent told her that since her relative was representing her in the purchase of the short sale, that she was not entitled to the commission.

This is 24 karat nonsense. The agent did the right thing in disclosing the relationship. She has no ownership interest in the property, so how could she not qualify for the commission? Moreover, what sort of moral degenerate or dumb bell would utter such malarkey? To another agent’s client, no less?

I set the lady straight, but I am disturbed that there is a rogue agent out there with such a deficit of ethics. If you are buying a short sale and are represented by a relative, there is nothing that disqualifies your agent from getting paid like any other agent.