Active Rain October 15, 2009

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I just listed the sweetest property in White Plains tonight. I was very jazzed to enter it on the MLS when I was reminded that I cannot. The Westchester-Putnam MLS has been down all day.

 MLS Down

At first we scrambled to the ledger to make sure we didn’t miss paying a bill. We didn’t miss it. There is a big upgrade going on, and all we can do is wait for them to work out the glitch. I have never seen a technical problem like this, ever. They are quite rare, and very brief at that. So, with our biggest tool down for the day, all we can do is occupy ourselves elsewhere. This is a great excuse to get to sleep early. 

6:14 am update: Still down. The MLS is going on 24 hours offline. Unheard of.