Active Rain October 15, 2009

Find a Home Across the Country with

Having lived in Rochester, Austin, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston and Maryland, I am sometimes curious about those markets. I do have the occasional pipe dream about getting a condo in Center City Philadelphia or vacation home outside Rochester. Until now, my only option was Now, consumers and licensees alike can find the official public MLS search for dozens of markets, sponsored by the local associations with 

MLS Cloud

Billing itself as a “Network of MLS Public Web Sites” with the listings of almost 600,000 agents, the site links, in one comprehensive place, a growing list of areas across the country. Hawaiians can price an Alaskan Moose lodge. Landlocked Mid-westerners can peruse the Florida coast.  So, if you are relocating, getting transferred, researching a new life or just curious, check out to see if they have the MLS portal for the area that suits your fancy.