Active Rain June 2, 2009

I Can’t Even Watch the Wizard of Oz

“Are you busy?” I get asked rather often this spring, and I am indeed busy. How busy? Well, I watched the “Wizard of Oz” earlier in an attempt to relax. A few observations which depart from my childhood memories of the film:


  1. Upon seeing a munchkin emerge from a manhole cover, I note that homes in Muchkinland are obviously not on spetic systems. 
  2. The HOA restrictions in the Emerald City must be utterly draconian. 
  3. The Wicked Witch’s castle would be a tough place to comp out. Worse, in observing the chase inside, there is a need for more handrails on the stairs. No fire extinguishers either, another code issue. 
That busy. 

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