Active Rain May 25, 2009

Sheer Stupidity

Dear <agent>

Here is my feedback on my showing of your listing. 
Please instruct the sellers of <address> that selling a $675,000 house is far easier when more is done to restrain a rather powerful looking (and sounding) German Shepherd than having a little girl hold a breezeway door ajar while the dog barks it’s ass off at us. I say this as a dog lover and the owner of a German Shepherd myself.
This was extremely disconcerting, and the minutes of confusion before the lady that I assume to be the grandmother showed up and we were told that the dog was caged were very uncomfortable; we considered walking out the rear door if we weren’t still afraid the dog would be out there. I don’t need to elaborate on the potential liability, nor am I interested in how docile or friendly that dog is- it was barking ferociously, and a frail old woman and little girl were an inadequate buffer. 
The house seemed nice enough, but we would question the sellers’ judgment and the inherent risks of doing business with them in light of this event. Too much money is at stake. 
Phil Faranda

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