Active Rain May 5, 2009

PLEASE Do Not Email Me Your Listings (***Rant Advisory***)

Just Listed!

Price Reduced!

Must Sell!

New Price!


Buzz off.

You know who you are. I spend $200-300 per month on my primary MLS and then more money on programs to match buyer clients to listed properties. Simply put, if your listing matches my buyer, I’ll know before you do. If you just reduced your price, I’ll see it on the hotsheet. Same for open houses. I don’t need you to email me. 

You know what I think when you email me your listing? I’ll tell you. I think “that listing must be an overpriced turkey because the agent is reduced to being a carnival barker.” Seriously. Nothing says “dog” like an email begging me to show a house.


We get an email every 5 minutes. Some require action or a thoughtful response.  Sifting through the spam of agents who are pacifying nervous sellers is a time-consuming nuisance. Time is money

And don’t tell me that what the delete button is for. That’s like sneezing on my and saying “that’s what medicine is for.” I respect your time. I don’t spam you. You know about my listings because you show them, and I didn’t email you about them either.

It gets REALLY hairy when I search for an important email and some similar word puts your overpriced bow-wow in the search findings. Or when I accidentally delete an important email whilst purging your tripe. OR WHEN THE LISTING IS IN A STATE I DO NOT LIVE, WORK, OR HOLD A LICENSE IN BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT A SHITTY DATABASE OF EMAIL ADDRESSES. Aren’t we professionals? Do lawyers spam the crap out of each other? Do Radiologists? Architects? Then why do you? 

Do not spam me. Do not waste my time. Do not hinder my efforts to earn my living.

Have a nice day.

PS- Don’t fax me either.