Active Rain April 30, 2009

Another Successful Short Sale Closed Today (& FAST for a Change!)

128 days ago, I sat at a dining room table in Putnam Valley, New York, just north of the Westchester County border with a young couple who were listed 4 times previously with 3 different brokerages in unsuccessful attempts to sell their home. Along the way, they got behind on their payments due to loss of income and had all but lost hope that they could avoid a foreclosure. 

One of my agents, Tom Ricapito, had found these nice people quite by accident, and told them to talk to me before giving up. This was the first time they had ever heard of a short sale. I told them I had closed dozens, and they listed with my company with Tom as their agent. He later told me that our meeting gave them new hope. It is funny how these people found us quite by random chance, and not through our regular marketing. When you specialize in New York short sales, they sometimes find you. 

The home was priced to reflect market conditions, and an offer came soon afterward. We prepared the selling broker for eactly what to expect- the wait, the process, everything. Nothing was left to ambiguity or chance. We communicated regularly. Less than a month ago, the short sale was approved, to the seller’s relief and the buyer’s pleasant surprise. They had been prepared for a far longer wait. 

So, 128 days from the day they listed, the short sale closed successfully. In Westchester and Putnam counties, 128 days is relatively fast for regular listings, let alone short sales. They don’t all work out like that for sure, but we can feel good when they do. 

We will remain in touch with these people. Since the only problem they incurred on their credit was just some late payments instead of bankruptcy, foreclosure deed in lieu or deficiency judgment, they will be ready for to buy again in a couple of years (perhaps sooner) so long as they keep their noses clean. We intend to sell them their next home and help them avoid the pitfalls which contributed to their recent challenges. My hat is off to my agent Tom, who stayed on top of his file and made sure that he headed off any potential issues with the buyers or their agent at the pass. Communication is key. 

Thankfully, there wasn’t any big obstacle or memorable roadblock to this story,as there almost always is. We’ll take it!

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