Active Rain March 29, 2009

Off Topic: Villanova to the Final Four!

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I am a proud member of the Villanova class of 1989. Few places can turn a New York-born, Giant and Yankee rooting, Eagle and 76er hating guy like me into a dedicated cheesesteak muncher like that rolling campus on the Main Line. I was on pins and needles yesterday watching that game. It was vintage Wildcat teamwork: no superstar, stingy defense, and smiles at the end.

The best my era’s teams did was advance to the final 8 in my junior year. The campus went bananas after they beat Illinois to advance to the Sweet 16. I’ll never forget it. They won the whole thing in an upset for the ages in 1985, the year right before I attended. I was a senior in high school here in New York, so I was rooting for St. John’s. When I arrived on campus that autumn as a freshman, the place was electric.

If my Facebook page is any indication, my fellow alumni are just as happy as the kids on campus.