Active Rain March 6, 2009

An Open Letter to


I tried to think of a diplomatic to say this, but I’ll just cut to the chase.

You suck.

Not just because I have to pay you $3,000+ per year while providing you with my content.

Not just because you telemarket the living crap out of me for banner ads.

Not just because as a home search tool you are inferior to any basic broker IDX search.

Not just because no matter how many times you revamp you are still a clanky, slow -to-load page even though I pay through the nose for a commercial grade FiOS connection which loads movies faster than 1 lousy photo on your site.

No, you mainly suck because it has been a month and you still haven’t fixed, or explained why you can’t fix, the web statistics I pay dearly for and my 40+ listing clients expect.

Web Stats

I can’t tell you how degrading it is to endure all of it. Telling my clients that I have a “trouble ticket” opened doesn’t quite cut it. Maybe you don’t understand that some people list their homes with me expecting this stuff to work. Maybe you don’t understand that many of our clients are freaking out as it is and this contributes to, rather than helps solve, the problems of those who PAY YOUR BILLS. It has been a month and this still isn’t fixed. And this is a public post because the public needs to know the frustration that I and my colleagues have with you.

If you were surgeon, the patient would have died.

If you were an airline pilot, the plane would have crashed.

As my late brother used to say, compact your fecal matter. Seriously.