Active Rain February 24, 2009

Why Are the Taxes in New York So High? Part II

I blogged recently on the incredible overlap of government and services in New York and how that redundancy adds to the tax burden of New Yorkers. In yesterday’s Journal News, there was a special report on pensioners, that is, retired government employees who are allowed to legally “double dip” and get another government job. One retired Ossining, NY school superintendent with a $165,000 pension is allowed to hold the same position in the nearby Katonah-Lewisboro school district and collect a $235,000 salary, all on our backs. He’s 65, so he also collects social security. I don’t begrudge a good living to anyone, but this is wasteful and has a high opportunity cost.

The waiver in the law that allows this is intended to handle an emergency or hard to fill vacancy. Clearly, it is being abused. There are hundreds of cases like this in schools, county and state government, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

You can read the entire article here:

We need more reporting like this. There has to be more transparency in how our tax money is spent, and those with their hand on the budget strings need to be more mindful that it is our money and we want it spent wisely or not spent. That is the only way that taxes will not spiral even more out of control than they already have.