Active Rain February 14, 2009

Hand Out Your Business Card at Funerals

Just a random thought, and I’ll feel better after saying it:  the next agent who asks me how I got all my listings (especially the ones in “their town”) will be told the following:

I prospect at funeral homes. I attend all wakes in my area, and I hand out my business card to all the bereaved. I make sure my brochure is in all their lobbies too.

Some people ask innocently. Those I can finesse. Some ask almost out of reflex and they don’t really expect to get the keys to the kingdom. But some deserve the above answer, and you can tell- they have a brief hesitation of actually considering it, their eyes even wondering why they hadn’t thought of it yet.

I’m not the first to express this pet peeve (although my solution is creative). Andrew Monaghan said the same thing a while back with respect to his niche.

You know what? I do feel better.