Active Rain December 20, 2008

We Earn Every Single Penny

In light of this post by Cathy Tishhouse, I will offer my planned activities today as a small example of why we earn every penny. Yesterday I wrote about a listing I have that is under contract and there was a question as to whether or not it would be wiser to delay the closing and allow the buyers to rent until closing or to escrow money and close sooner. The buyers have made their own decision , which is that if we don’t close in 2008 that they’ll be forced to find another home.

So here’s my day, and bear in mind that there is a foot of new snow in the ground:

8am: arrange for a snow plow to plow driveway at client’s house, as it is no longer occupied.

10am: arrive at Budget Truck rental and personally rent a moving van.

11am: meet my seller at the house listed with me and together, he and I will move his dining room set and snow blower into the garage. Then, we’ll pack the truck with the rest of his belongings.

12 noon: drive client and his belongings back to his house 45 minutes south and unpack.

I will then return the truck and put the snow blower and dining room set on craigslist so they can get them sold ASAP. I will then work in my home office until it is time for bed, taking time to eat and put my own 4 Little Reasons for Working to bed.

Technically, I don’t have to do any of this, but my client is overwhelmed, stressed and busier at work this time of year than any other. He and his wife need a hand. They chose to do business with me. Today I am going to demonstrate why they made the right choice. I am not patting myself on the back. I had no intention of mentioning any of this until I read Cathy’s post. It is my small way of answering the -ahem-gentleman in her post’s notion that our commission is not reflective of our value.

As I commented on Cathy’s blog, we earn every penny.