Active Rain December 18, 2008

Why do You Work so Hard?

When our company was based out of our home, someone told me that they could never work from home because they didn’t have the discipline. “You don’t need discipline to work from home,” I replied, “you need bills.” With 4 little ones, bills we have.

Of the four, for the next 30 days two of them will be 4 years old. In 2004, Catherine was born in January, and on December 18, 2004, Gregory came into the world. In spite of his mother’s assertion that it was genetically impossible, he entered with red hair.

Ann and Gregory

Those of who have children know what I’m talking about. I can’t work hard enough. No client is too much. No stage fright or call reluctance will totally stop me from getting out of my comfort zone. No loss mitigator will get me discouraged. Gregory probably won’t appreciate these things until he’s far into adulthood, but I’m not looking for that. Knowing he’s the beneficiary though, does add joy to work that is sometimes not very joyful, especially in this market.


 Happy birthday, Gregory. I hope I can tell your children all about you.