Active Rain April 4, 2010

J. Philip Real Estate is Hiring Agents

I started out as a sole operator in 2005. I hired my first licensee in 2006 and as of April 1 we have 20 members on our team with more coming aboard soon after. Some are former clients; some are agents we did deals with before and liked me (no accounting for taste). Whatever the reason, the team is growing because our company is a good place to build a real estate career. 

Ann and I are a team, with her as the administrative goddess and myself in the Hot Air department. It works. Our agents have great backup on both fronts. What’s more, which I think is important, is that we appreciate our team members. We know that earning a living is no laughing matter, and whether the issue is training, marketing, getting a tough prospect signed on, troubleshooting a problem transaction, or dealing with a challenging client, I am right there are the table with my team, and we have a great record of getting to the goal.

Yes, we have a good commission split, and yes, we think our signs are pretty. It is more than that. I have a relationship with each and every associate with the company, and the priority is their growth and development in this industry.

If you are in New York or Connecticut and in the Metropolitan area, we are hiring. Westchester, the Hudson valley, Connecticut, Long Island, and the New York City Boros. Here are a few of the areas we could use good agents in particular:

  • Westchester County
  • Upper Manhattan and Riverdale
  • Queens
  • Fairfield, CT
  • Rockland and Putnam Counties

In many cases we need agents because I can’t follow up on leads personally. What I can offer personally is support, training, mentoring and a system that works.